Free HR Apps for Small - Medium businesses

Every Reyuko hosting is always available accounting applications on the company's own web No limitations whatsoever. Free and self hosted application, designed to be suitable for small and medium businesses.

All CRM Needs

Easily track & follow-up queries with prospects, customers & clients. Build long-term relationships with this CRM module.

Manage your Employee Data

The employee list feature lets you add all the personal details of an employee in one place. Store appraisal reports, complaints, promotions & any details you may need!

  • Full Employee Profile

    You can enter as much employee information as you want on the profile page. You can even add documents in the form.

  • Performance Assessment

    As a company owner or HR manager, you can receive feedback from team leaders and project managers about specific employees and the discussion data in their profile.

  • Announcement

    Need to send a message to a specific employee? or the whole office? This is the feature for you. It displays the message on the employee dashboard and send and email notify as well.

Employee Leave Management

Manage all aspects of your employees' leave right from one place. Create leave policies, leave entitlement, vacation and most importantly your leave requests from your employees.

  • Leave Policy

    The company has some rules and rights to allow leave upon requests. You can list them in the system that will be used by employees and HR managers to keep things simple and easy.

  • Manage Leave Requests from One Place

    We have simplified the process of reviewing leave requests. Seeing all requests on one page helps you to review & decide. You can also add new leave requests yourself for employees.

  • Manage Holidays

    List all holidays in a year to apply holidays automatically and calculate working hours with youngh.

Employee Attendance

A complete attendance management system that allows employees to check-in and check-out with useful reports.

  • App-based Attendance

    You can set your employees' working hours and track their check-in and check-out times. Restrict attendance only from the company's internet network

  • Management Shift

    HR applications have a built-in Roster or Shift Management System. You can create an unlimited number of shifts for employees. You can even assign shifts to multiple employees using the bulk shift assignment feature.

  • Absence Notification

    Set up automated emails that your employees receive in circumstances such as missed work hours, late check-in, and more.


See everything: Total expenses, Total pay calendar created, Time pay calendar approved, Spent in the previous month, List of recent payroll records, Payroll history in one page.

  • Set up Head Account for asset, salary and tax reporting

    Add necessary information on employee profiles such as fixed allowances, fixed deductions, and tax info. Create different types of pay items (allowances or deductions) for your employees.

  • Pay Run

    Use Pay Run to initiate salary payments. Run the pay calendar on a specific date automatically for each session (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly).

  • Print salary invoice for each employee

    Get a copy of your handy payroll invoice that you can share and keep as a record. Export to CSV or print directly!

Document Manager

Save and organize your office documents and share them with managers with this smart file sharing tool. Keep company documents confidential

  • Keep Everything Organized on the Company Server

    Upload & access all your files on your site. Whether it's employee documents or any type of file, you'll be able to store everything.

  • Global Access Restricted to Owners & Managers Only

    We take privacy very seriously. Document Manager comes with default settings that allow only the document owner and site manager to have access.

Asset management

Easily manage your office inventory, assign assets to employees, and collect them back on time.

  • Set Items with Employees

    You will be able to assign assets to your employees with details such as allocating employee details, return date, specific date, etc.

  • Email Base Request

    Use fully customizable emails automatically to notify your employees whether their asset requests have been approved or not.

  • Asset Reporting

    There is a report generation feature available in the HR Management module that allows you to create detailed information about all your assets.

Utilize Premium Features - Workflow

Manage triggered actions according to your HR needs from a single page. Monitoring and controlling SMD made easy.

  • Organize Events for HR

    With pre-defined HRM events such as employees created or deleted, announcements published, leave requests confirmed, etc. makes the workflow feel very seamless.

  • Create actions based on conditions

    Not only can you create actions that matter to your team, but you can also set them based on the conditions of your choice right after an event is triggered. From triggering an email, an approval, or changing a status.

How to Get HR Management App in Reyuko


Take advantage of extensive tutorials to maximize the use of the app

No matter how good an application is, it won't be of much use if it can't be implemented properly. We have prepared a complete tutorial specifically for this. Still difficult? Our team can help set up the application according to your needs and conduct training for your employees.

Optimize your business with our Outsource services

Many areas that are not the focus of your business will be much more efficiently outsourced. All starting from Rp 500K!


Best Free Cashier App Alternatives for PC
In running their business, millennial entrepreneurs not only have to follow millennial trends or market opportunities, but they also need to keep up with technological developments so that they can be applied in the process of running their business. One of these technologies is the cashier application or better known as Point of Sale (POS).
Cashier application is an application designed to make sales transactions easier, safer and more organized, so that financial bookkeeping can also be done automatically. No need to worry about spending a big budget, because there is the best free PC cashier application to support your business.
Here are the 5 Best Free Offline Cashier Applications for PC
Well, if you want to open a store for your business, it’s a good idea to check out this list of the best free cashier applications. Let’s look at the description of the following applications.
ProffittCentreProffitCentre is one of the best free cashier application systems for PC most recommended for those of you who want to keep your sales transactions monitored safely. This cashier system was developed by Dale Haris, who developed it from the famous Cash Register Keyhut online store application.
With this cashier application, you can keep your inventory stock safe with the automatic order feature. In addition, there are also several other features such as naming merchandise shelf labels, printing bar codes. To use it, you only need to provide a bar code scanner, PC, and printer.
best offline cashier app for PC VendHQwww.vendhq.comVendHQ is another one of the best offline cashier application systems. This application is perfect for you young entrepreneurs who want to open a small retail business or for those who want to develop their retail business to be bigger, especially if you have a booth in the market or in a shopping center.
Although this application actually uses a cloud system, this cashier application can also be used offline with some limitations. There are features such as inventory management, CRM, and also loyalty programs. This cashier application can only be used for 1 cash register and the number of products less than 10, but can accommodate data for up to 1000 customers.
best free cashier application pc Keyhutkeyhut.comIf the business or business that you are starting is still a micro business or SME class, you can use the best free cashier application for PC Keyhut. Even though it’s free, this application is reliable, compatible with the cash register, printer or home PC that you have.
The system is quite good and can be used to run several types of reports at once, such as sales reports recorded by employees. In addition, there are also employee management features, CRM, and inventory tracking features. There is also a paid version that has a friendly and open support system.
Chromis POS
Chromis POSsourceforge.netChromis POS is one of the best free cashier applications for PC that can be used on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. This highly recommended application for young millennials has several complete features such as features for making financial reports, recording sales transactions or features
 kitchen display.
This application is very suitable for business people who want to open a business in the culinary field such as depots, restaurants or cafes, because this application has a kitchen display feature that can display the order menu into the kitchen, so that the food ordering process becomes more monitored.
TruePOSthskassasystem.seLike other applications on the list of the best PC cashier applications, the TruePOS application which is an application made by a POS company from India is an integrated system that can be accessed from several machine devices, such as cash registers, PCs, and cell phones.
The paid version can be used for all types of businesses to large retailers, while the free version is more suitable for those of you who have just started a small retail business. Although this cashier application is web-based, you can also use it offline, with several features such as inventory, CRM, reports, etc.
uniCentasourceforge.netuniCenta is one of the best free cashier applications for PC whose name is also increasingly famous among other cashier systems. This cashier application that is suitable for SME businesses has several features such as inventory management, reports, CRM and employee management.
This very easy-to-use and flexible application is suitable for use in a variety of any hadware, including for cellphones.
Those are the 6 best free cashier applications for PC that are suitable for those of you who have just opened a business or are developing it. There is already something you usea>

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